Wildlife Officials Warn Of Fish Hooks Stuffed In Dog Treats On Appalachian Trail

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Authorities in eastern Pennsylvania are asking the public to be on alert for dog treats stuffed with fish hooks following their disturbing discovery along a portion of the Appalachian Trail over the weekend.

The potentially deadly treats were found by hikers on Sunday scattered along a trail northwest of Allentown in Washington Township, State Game Warden Dustin Stoner with the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission told HuffPost.

“They were intentionally pushed down into that soft core of the treat, kind of embedded in the treat, and it wasn’t just one, it was multiple hooks in each treat,” he said Wednesday. “It’s a very disturbing incident, obviously it’s something that we take very seriously.”

The Pennsylvania Game Commission shared a photo of the treats on Facebook Monday.

Stoner said no immediate information has suggested that the treats have harmed any pets or wildlife. And no additional treats were found during a later search by game wardens of the area, which was described as near the North Trail Loop leading to the George W. Outerbridge shelter.

“Hopefully there are no more, but we still want people to be aware of the possibility,” he said.

Anyone who comes across a recently deceased animal in the area is asked to contact wildlife officials so it can be examined, he added.

The incident is believed to be isolated, and the National Park Service has been made aware of the discovery and has not received any similar reports, he said.

“We certainly want to continue our investigation to try to find out who may have placed these out and why, and hold them accountable for it,” he said.

Anyone with information or who may have photos taken from the area that could be of importance is urged to call 833-PGC-WILD.

“We could really use their help if there’s anything,” Stoner said of the public’s assistance.

Source: HuffPost

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