AI Technology And Working Dog Training – Perfect Partners

By Almog Koren | Feb 6, 2024

AI Technology And Working Dog Training – Perfect Partners We’ve seen how a whole range of industries are reaping the benefits of embracing AI technology in recent times. AI technology has the potential to streamline…

Gear, and why it matters

By Matt Wilson | Sep 11, 2023

We all know those guys and gals on SAR, that have all the “Gucci” gear. Team Wendy helmet and chest rig, high-speed climbing harness, Crye precision pants, Arc’teryx rescue pack, just to name a few.…

Mentor image

Cackleberry Corner: A Word on Mentorship

By Kasie McGee | Aug 15, 2023

men·tornoun1. An experienced and trusted adviser. If you have been reading my articles so far, you have to be aware that I am a firm believer in mentoring, both as the mentor and the mentee.…

Cueing vs. Reinforcement

By Susan Bulanda | Jul 28, 2023

         Many working dog handlers do not understand the difference between queuing and reinforcing a dog. Reinforcing a dog is when the dog is rewarded for finishing the task that he is either trained to do or is…

Cackleberry Castle: Adolescent Selection

By Kasie McGee | Jul 17, 2023

What in the world is a “cackleberry” and what does it have to do with Search and Rescue? Well, it really does not have any direct relationship, but I am betting a lot of associations.…

Roller on a rock

The Scent Picture and Training the Dog

By Susan Bulanda | Jun 23, 2023

There have been many studies and continued research about how and what scents or odors dogs detect. Most of the research has been during the years after World War II. Consider that during World War II mine detection dogs were taught to look for disturbed soil.…

Cackleberry Castle: SAR K9 Candidate Selection, puppy or young adult?

By Kasie McGee | Jun 20, 2023

Which is the “right” way to go? Excluding the experience of the handler as a trainer, it all really depends. I have seen some young adult/older puppy candidates from the pound become remarkable search dogs…