Missing 5-year-old found in Hildale after 90-minute search

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ST. GEORGE — After a 90-minute search, a missing 5-year-old boy was found unharmed in a canyon near Hildale.

At approximately 6:19 p.m. Thursday, the boy wandered away from a family get-together, Colorado City-Hildale Police Lt. Mark Gower said.

“And he simply walked away — was playing with some friends and acquaintances and just got separated and decided to walk up the canyon right there,” he said.

He was found uninjured about 90 minutes later by family members who happened upon him while driving up the creek bed, Gower told St. George News.

“He seemed to be OK,” he said. “He drank some water; due to the heat, I’m sure he was kind of thirsty — required no medical attention.”

Multiple resources were dispatched during the search, including officers with the Colorado City-Hildale Police and  Fire Department Search and Rescue, as well as the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office’s with a canine, in case they needed to track the child, Gower said.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team and the Department of Public Safety’s helicopter were on standby, with the aircraft reportedly ready to launch when the boy was found safely.

“We just appreciate in these situations how everybody just pulls together and these public safety agencies pull together really well and work well together,” Gower said. “My thanks to everybody that stepped up to give us a hand. We like to find these children as quickly as we can — especially before dark — when they’re missing.”

Source: St. George News

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