MILITARY DOGS OF WW II by Susan Bulanda, Guest Review:

Norma Snelling

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I have worked SAR dogs for 45 years and yet had no idea of the history of dogs being used for search work and for war.  Records show dogs were taken into battle as early as the 7th century BC.

This is a fascinating book which gives a wonderful insight into how different countries used dogs during WWII.  Most of the stories we all hear and read about WWII don’t even mention dogs.  Yet when you read this book, you understand that dogs played an important role and saved many lives during the war.  

We picture K-9s attacking the enemy but what about the ones who carried medical supplies to injured soldiers in the field or those who carried crates of carrier pigeons for messages, as well as ammunition from one unit to another? 

I didn’t know dogs jumped from airplanes.  One even became famous for clearing the rats from the military base.  Another, weighing only 4# and 7″ tall became famous for her unique abilities.  

It’s a fun read which I can highly recommend. 

Norma Snelling, co-founder of the National Search Dog Alliance

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