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AvatarLou Castle

    You wrote,

    Great question. It seems that anything I do can be interpreted as cueing.

    That’s true. Even something as simple as looking at your dog, or the converse, looking away, can be interpreted as cuing by a person who’s doing the certification.

    You wrote,

    Specific example was that she came most of the way back to me and looked at me. I walked towards her and she sat. I was told that this (walking towards her) was cueing her to sit.

    If you’re using conventional (leash and correction collar) methods to train OB, you have to go to the dog to give a correction. If you’ve done this much you’ve probably seen dogs who, after a time or two, will anticipate the correction, and will sit, in the hopes of avoiding it. I’d bet that’s what your evaluator thought was going on when you walked towards the dog. It’s one reason that I no longer use those “conventional methods.”

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