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Keith Lonnquist

Keith Lonnquist retired from a 40 year DoD career as an engineer and project manager. With ~20 years of running trail races in Colorado, he saw the “cool” Search and Rescue members providing assistance and medical support on many of the races he participated in (e.g., Pikes Peak Marathon). As he approached retirement, he followed up with El Paso County Search and Rescue (Colorado), volunteered to be a “lost” subject for their K9 training, applied to the SAR team, and was accepted into team training in 2018. Enjoying participating in the K9 work, Keith got a high energy, female yellow Labrador puppy, Bailey. Keith & Bailey started training with the EPCSAR K9 team in January of 2019 and they have since become NASAR certified in Area Search, HRD, and Article, with dozens of missions throughout Colorado to their credit. Keith is a EPCSAR Board member, continues to support the team’s wide variety of SAR missions, and enjoys training and working with EPCSAR’s amazing K9 team. Keith lives with his wife, Elizabeth, in Monument, Colorado.

yellow Labrador retriever wearing an orange harness sitting in the woods

Dealing With a Torn (Ruptured) Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) in a K9 Search Dog

March 29, 2024 /

Last November, I observed a limp on the rear left side of my five-year-old Labrador Retriever, Bailey. Being a young and energetic dog, I assumed that she had played too…

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