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Kasie McGee

Kasie McGee has been actively involved in K9 Search and Rescue since the early 90s. She has handled many Bloodhounds and multiple Border Collies at various levels, with dogs certified in human remains, trailing, articles and air scent work. She comes into SAR from the training the dog to do this job point of view. Many people come into it from military or law enforcement, and while her family is chock full of ALL those people, she herself did not serve. Her professional preparation include an MS in Animal Science involving environmental enrichment and learning theory, and an MS in Neuropathophysiology. She also holds Bachelors in Biology and in English, and her “day job” is teaching. For the past few years she has specialized in teaching Gifted students that also have disabilities, and most recently teaching middle school and high school science.
She has owned and bred Border Collies since 1970, training them to work on the farm, and later in herding trials. She became interested in search work after reading Syrotuk’s work, challenged by the concept of training different tasks while still in a human-canine partnership. She sought out ANYONE local to her to help her learn more about this, and ended up working with law enforcement canine handlers with Bloodhounds. In her career in SAR, she has mentored many new handlers, guiding them through dog selection, training issues, learning objectives and skill maintenance.

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