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Jay Christianson

Jay is the President of and a Field Team Leader for El Paso County Search and Rescue, a fully-accredited Mountain Rescue Association group serving the needs of lost, injured, and stranded people in El Paso County, Colorado.

He is the primary handler of Saxby, an HRD Land/Water, Area I, Trailing III, and Article Search certified K9.

Colorado Launches New Co-Op for Streamlining K9 Resources

April 11, 2024 /

Colorado has recently launched a statewide coordination effort to streamline Search and Rescue K9 operations. Per Colorado statute, the Sheriff of each county is responsible for search and rescue operations.…

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Mark Rober tries to evade a scent dog

June 28, 2023 /

This is a fun video that shows some of the challenges of escaping a scent K9 and how potent odor is. From my point of view, the real win is…

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Why I did this: A reflection on becoming a SAR K9 Handler (As written by Chat GPT)

June 20, 2023 /

There has been a tremendous amount of press about ChatGPT; below is a quote from the natural language A.I. tool when given the prompt, “Write an article called ‘Why I…

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