AI Technology And Working Dog Training – Perfect Partners

Almog Koren

AI Technology And Working Dog Training (2)

AI Technology And Working Dog Training – Perfect Partners

We’ve seen how a whole range of industries are reaping the benefits of embracing AI technology in recent times. AI technology has the potential to streamline processes, save time, improve accuracy, and drive results – all areas that can help industries grow and thrive in the digital age. As an industry, we don’t think working dog training should be any different. We’ve shown that to be true firsthand in the way we’ve introduced AI technology into the working dog field to improve training outcomes and help working dogs reach their full potential. The demand for working dogs, particularly K9 search and rescue units, is ever-growing, and if we’re going to deliver, we need to innovate. AI technology is our ticket to success.

The State Of Affairs

Up until recently, working dog training was predominantly a paper-based industry. K9 trainers often found themselves drowning under a mountain of paper logs and Excel spreadsheets. These processes took them away from more important things and ultimately interfered with training. There had to be a better way. When other industries all over the world are innovating and advancing, working dog training and K9 teams simply cannot be left behind. The work of our four-legged partners is just too important, now more than ever. And luckily, AI technology has the answer for K9 handlers.

AI Technology And Working Dog Training

Digital Logbooks – AI Technology Done Right

AI technology isn’t something to be afraid of, particularly if it’s harnessed in the form of a digital logbook. They put the tasks of logging, tracking, and making improvements in working dog training at the fingertips of the trainer. When you’re busy training your dog, anything that makes tracking progress easier and quicker can’t be underestimated.

With so much riding on effective working dog training, we can’t afford to make assumptions or mistakes. Our digital logbooks let trainers input and retrieve data at the touch of a button. The data can also be accessed from a smart device, so this can be done on the move.

Whereas paper logbooks can languish in a pocket or be forgotten in a drawer, everyone who needs access to the digital logbook can do so instantly. Trainers, handlers, and owners can access the same information, refining channels of communication, which can further improve the training process.

Opening Trainers’ Eyes

Another area where AI technology can really help with working dog training is tackling the phenomenon of trainer’s blindness. This happens when a trainer overlooks areas where their working dog could make improvements.

They then fail to see that a particular training routine is not working for their dog. Not only does this waste the handler’s time and energy, but it also prevents the working dog from reaching their full potential.

AI allow trainers to track patterns of behavior that keep popping up. Once a working dog’s shortcomings are brought to light, backed up by data, the trainer is better placed to overcome them, helping their working dog reach their peak performance.

AI Technology And Working Dog Training

Harnessing Data To Constantly Evolve

One thing about AI technology is that it has the potential to evolve, and we’re evolving with it. We’re looking into taking digital logbooks to the next level with the DogBase Training Recap feature.

When a trainer logs a training session, they can log fields like objectives, observations, actions to be taken, and any additional notes. In just one click, the DogBase Training Recap feature can draw on data from the last 5 to 8 training sessions, providing a recap in a short contextual text format. This eliminates the need to flick through pages of paper-based logbooks trying to join the dots manually.

What’s more, the DogBase Training Recap feature allows AI technology to really shine by providing text sentiment analysis on any training notes. It will flag up positive, negative, or neutral sentiments within the notes, allowing the trainer to see patterns instantly. This helps trainers avoid repetitive training and progress training based on the feedback provided by the AI technology. Another exciting feature we’re exploring right now is the DogBase Alpha Index, which ranks every working dog across the DogBase fleet based on their abilities. These rankings can be stored so every DogBase user can see their dog’s progression in real time. This allows trainers to compare other dogs on the platform to their own training and dogs and adjust training regimens as necessary.

AI Technology And Working Dog Training

The Future Of Working Dog Training

Data is the jewel in the crown of the DogBase AI platform. Being able to log data and retrieve it quickly is obviously a perk, but it’s more than that. Gathering data is pointless if there’s no means to use it to make positive change.

Anyone who works with dogs knows that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to training. Harnessing AI technology to gather meaningful data on training helps trainers understand areas in which their working dogs excel, as well as areas that may require a different approach.

The information gathered in a digital logbook can help trainers make informed decisions about training regimens, designing them with an individual dog in mind. A regimen tailored to an individual dog’s strengths and requirements will always yield better results. In K9 search and rescue work, where the actions of our working dogs can be the difference between life and death, working dog training simply can’t afford to be stagnant. AI technology is the vehicle to move the industry forward and enable trainers and their dogs to push the boundaries and achieve great things.

About DogBase

DogBase is the brainchild of SAR dog handler Almog Koren and former special forces member Ordan Gilboa. A passion for working dog training lies at the heart of DogBase, where the power of AI technology is put to work to streamline and elevate the K9 search and rescue training process.

The platform provides a simple user experience with easy-to-use dashboards, real-time inputs, and AI-generated reports and recommendations. All these innovative features are designed to make working dog training an industry ready to face the future head-on.

Find out more about DogBase here.


Almog Koren is not your typical tech entrepreneur. A seasoned Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience, Almog has a unique background that blends the worlds of military service, specialized dog handling, and cutting-edge technology. This diverse perspective fuels his passion for DogBase, a revolutionary platform designed to elevate the performance of working dogs across various specialties. Almog's journey began with service in the U.S. Navy and Israeli IDF Special Forces, where he honed his skills in leadership, teamwork, and strategic thinking. He then transitioned to the world of Search and Rescue (SAR) as a K9 Dog Handler, forging a deep connection with these remarkable animals and their capabilities. This experience, coupled with his competitive dog sports background, ignited a fire within him to revolutionize K9 training methods. Recognizing the limitations of traditional training methods, Almog leveraged his full-stack development and UI/UX expertise to create DogBase. Almog's leadership and vision have attracted a dynamic team of passionate dog professionals and tech experts. Together, they are transforming how K9 teams train, empowering them to achieve greater success in their critical missions.

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